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SMOK Dredgers Stocznia Kędzierzyn Koźle Ltd. is a new subsidiary company of Koźle Shipyard (Stocznia Kedzierzyn Koźle) created in order to manufacture modern devices for dredging water reservoirs as well as machines for aggregate operations.
The Koźle Shipyard is continuing the traditions of one the greatest river shipyards in Poland that has performed cutter dredgers’ renovations
and production of subassemblies for the cutter dredgers for many years. The shipyard also cooperates with one of the main Dutch
manufacturers of ships and dredgers as well as with suppliers and manufacturers from Germany and England.

SMOK Dredgers Kędzieżyn Koźle Shipyard Ltd. provide wide range of services applying dredging equipment what
contributes to gaining of new experience and improvement of manufactured product.